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A letter from the creator:

Dear Jewelry and Music Lover,  I am so happy you found us and sincerely thank you for your support!  I’d like to start by introducing myself.  I’m Michaela Kelton, a visual artist in central Texas and my husband, Michael, is a musician. It’s probably easy to see how I came to make music inspired art.  As you will discover when you browse, many of the jewelry items are knots.  These are inspired by my interested in Irish and Scottish history and folklore.  By adding other elements and embellishments, we can steer the theme of each piece.  Another big motif you will see is our interpretation of the dreamcatcher.  This design is influenced by traveling with my grandparents and their love and support of southwestern art and artists.  I have always been drawn to unique jewelry, which is why I have worked to make each piece as beautiful and unique as each person who will wear them. 

Thank you,

MAK   -Creator & Owner